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Customized Counter Mat Manufacturer in Shelton, Connecticut

Customized Promotional Counter Mats in Shelton

The greatest advertising tools are ones that are located where you reach your clients therefore a custom promotional counter mat is an ideal tool to use. Our team is delighted to announce that we have been making and selling custom counter mats to businesses in Shelton, Connecticut for some time now.

Lately, our company have also further developed our custom mat selection options to give you greater flexibility when making customized mats to match your business’s unique needs.

We have the know-how to display your custom design onto mats that can be nearly any size, shape, or color that you would like. We also offer a vast array of surface types for your mats.

IMPORTANT: See Our Artwork Guidelines Before Submitting Artwork

Depending on the environment of your business, you may need a more durable mat or a mat with an antimicrobial surface to prevent the spread of harmful| bacteria. We happily work with businesses of all sizes and types. At Counter mats, we offer a massive variety of surface selections such as:

Even though few people might not be aware of what custom counter mats are, it's almost guaranteed that they've encountered them before at different businesses such as retail locations, restaurants, or other companies. They are also often times displayed in schools, offices, libraries, and hospitals. Customized counter mats are a great and low cost option to advertise for your business in Shelton, Connecticut. The design specialists at Counter Mats are ready to help you and your business make the best-looking mat that will match all of your needs, wants, and budget. Our custom mats are very in style and we have the ability to display any graphic on them that you and your business would be happy with. We can design them in any size with a wide variety of surface options with high quality rubber backing materials. Our custom mats are long-lasting and are guaranteed to stand up to even the toughest use for many years to come. No matter what style you choose, you won’t be left with many maintenance problems. We only advise that you wipe them off every now and then to keep them absent of any dirt, debris, or bacteria that may be in the surrounding area.

One of our most popular customized mat choices is our window insert counter mat. This particular option is outstanding for businesses that need to change information on a rather regular basis. The interchangeable mat has a window display area on it where you can display printed content regarding sales, promotions, discounts, special phone numbers, and much more.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any inquiries you may have about our customized mat selections.

Promotional Counter Mats

So why do manufactures of goods make use of the counter mats to promote their items at the register?

To most folks, if we haven't bought the product promoted by the counter mat, it might seem to be a little too late. It only appears that way. Advertising isn't just asking the customer to purchase the marketed product, but the intent is to create brand awareness.

Let's explore a potential scenario. Your family for years have seen a TV commercial for barbecue sauce advertising a really well-known brand. Even if you do not write the brand name down, it is almost a guarantee that you'll recall the brand next time you enter the supermarket. The same thing goes for promotional counter mats at POS locations. The company who manufactures this brand of barbecue sauce has been successful in keeping the buyer aware of their product.

The companies that manufacture these products have done such a great job of advertising their brands that each brand name has become synonymous with the product they create. If we visit a retail store to buy ketchup we generally buy a certain well-liked brand. The same holds true if we visit the store to buy jarred peanuts or nose tissues.

Just how was this done by these companies? - Advertising, advertising, and more advertising. They made use of advertising and marketing in any and all venues, including; TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, banners, stickers, product labels, floor decal, and shelf strips, shelf danglers, and counter mats where possible.

Promotional counter mats in Shelton, Connecticut" are used in the construction trade, electrician outlets, grocery stores, hospitals, educational institutions, hobby stores, lighting stores, auto part outlets, libraries, and many other venues that have a counter.

Make sure you contact us to find out more about our cost-effective counter mats which make for extraordinary advertising and marketing resources.

Logo Counter Mats

Our logo counter mats are an exciting advertising alternative to the standard floor standing or wall mount sign case. When logically placed, these logo counter top mat accessories will help you to increase product or service awareness. Just how can these counter mats maximize gross sales? The answer is fairly simple; place these promotional logo counter mats in places that shoppers are sure to see them: the floor, and the checkout areas. Facilities such as bars, banks, and retail stores buy counter mats to use instead of big floor stands or wall signs that will quickly clutter-up a space.

Furthermore, grocery stores and auto parts stores have a tendency to change mats regularly, and the style of the merchandise featured there make changing promotional signage easy. Banks use this counter mat to show off the most recent financial rates, or a free gift which is offered. On a similar note; fast food eateries use these custom logo mats to inform customers of a brand new menu item. Office workers like to place a picture or preferred print in these customized counter mats and make use of them as computer mouse pads.

The other variety of counter mats which is very popular at the moment is the lift-top logo counter mat which is customized to satisfy your business or facility's needs. They contain a exclusive window area which may show content about current discounts or promotions that you might be running, newsletters, or they might contain important telephone numbers that you'd like others to know about. Our interchangeable and lift-top counter mats include a special Matte Plus™ surface which makes them really resilient and will last for years to come. Use this logo counter mat to display a custom logo or new goods offered. For establishments that like to change inserts frequently, these logo counter top mats are the ideal solution.

If you are looking for mats in the U.S. or Canada, you have found to the right place. We sell the best quality mats and provide a low price guarantee. For the greatest counter mat business on the Internet you do not need look any further.