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The Number One Source For
Customized Wholesale Counter Mats

The Number One Source For Customized Wholesale Counter Mats

Promotional Counter Mats

In business since 1998, is your number one source for customized wholesale counter mats. We have expanded our counter mat product offering over the years to include new sizes, shapes and surface & backing materials. In addition, our print capabilities have been updated as new technology has become available. We work with all types of companies and organizations in almost every industry (Fortune 500, retail, manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare, etc). We also have strong relationships with print brokers, graphic designers and advertising agencies.

Our counter mats are available in the following styles: standard hard surface (matte or gloss), fabric surface, interchangeable (Lift-top, Magnetic Lift-top and Insertable) and our ultra lite “Thins” style with low-tac, or adhesive backing. We offered volume price discounts for all of our popular standard sizes, however, we welcome the opportunity to quote custom sizes and shapes. We strive to be the low cost / high quality supplier of counter mats in North America. If you find a lower price for a comparable product please let us know - we will try to match or beat it as part of our low cost guarantee!

Custom counter mats are a great advertising tool that can be used to help generate new sales, increase an existing sale and/or generate brand and product awareness. It is our goal to help our customers become more successful and profitable with our high quality counter mats. One of our favorite quotes is from Henry Ford - “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Please contact us for a free consultation in you are interested in learning more about the value of our products.

Free Samples Available

Free Samples Available
Simply fill out the form and supply us with your UPS or FedEx account number and we will send you free counter mat samples.

Setup and Proof Included

Setup / Proof Included
Free Print Setup and Proof with every order.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping
Shipping included to 1 location on every order from

low price guarantee

Low Price Guarantee
Show us your best price and give us a chance to beat it!

Sales Tax

Sales Tax
Please note, we are required to collect sales tax for the following states: NY, PA & CA. If your purchase is tax exempt please email a copy of your Resale / Tax Exempt certificate.

Wholesale & Manufacturer

Our manufacturing process is optimized for the wholesale production of counter mats. Unfortunately, we do not fulfill orders for single units or small orders.

What are POS & POP?

POS is an abbreviation for Point of Sale & POP is an abbreviation for Point of Purchase. Ultimately, POS and POP mean the same thing; the location where a transaction or final sale happens.

75% of final purchase decisions are made in-store. Custom counter mats can influence sales.