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Free Print Setup with Your Order of Custom Counter Mats from

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Free Proof with Your Order of Custom Counter Mats from

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Free Shipping with Your Order of Custom Counter Mats from

Matte Plus™ and Gloss Counter Mats with Heavy Duty Rubber Backing


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1/8" Thick Counter Mat with Matte Plus™ Surface
Item #SIZE100250500100025005000
CMSM10131810" x 13" x 1/8"$5.24$4.56$4.27$4.00$3.25$2.76
CMSM10151810" x 15" x 1/8"$5.42$4.71$4.42$4.13$3.36$2.86
CMSM11161811" x 16" x 1/8"$5.64$4.92$4.63$4.33$3.56$3.04
CMSM11171811" x 17" x 1/8"$5.89$5.15$4.84$4.53$3.72$3.18
CMSM12181812" x 18" x 1/8"$5.86$5.15$4.86$4.55$3.79$3.25
CMSM12191812" x 19" x 1/8"$11.87$7.02$5.31$4.47$3.75$3.24
CMSM13191813" x 19" x 1/8"$13.17$7.95$6.34$5.96$5.10$4.51
CMSM14191814" x 19" x 1/8"$13.86$8.27$6.62$6.19$5.31$4.69
CMSM16201816" x 20" x 1/8"$13.95$8.54$6.85$6.34$5.47$4.81
CMSM15221815" x 22" x 1/8"$14.38$8.91$7.23$6.49$5.78$5.13
CMSM16221816" x 22" x 1/8"$15.32$9.28$7.53$6.98$6.03$5.33
CMSM17221817" x 22" x 1/8"$15.98$9.86$7.95$7.29$6.29$5.56
CMSM17261817" x 26" x 1/8"$16.62$10.15$8.32$7.50$6.55$5.81
CMSM18241818" x 24" x 1/8"$16.70$10.75$9.43$8.03$7.13$6.73
1/8" Thick Counter Mat with Gloss Surface
Item #SIZE100250500100025005000
CMSG10131810" x 13" x 1/8"$4.98$4.33$4.06$3.80$3.09$2.62
CMSG10151810" x 15" x 1/8"$5.15$4.48$4.20$3.93$3.19$2.72
CMSG11161811" x 16" x 1/8"$5.36$4.68$4.40$4.11$3.38$2.89
CMSG11171811" x 17" x 1/8"$5.60$4.89$4.60$4.30$3.53$3.02
CMSG12181812" x 18" x 1/8"$5.57$4.89$4.61$4.32$3.60$3.09
CMSG12191812" x 19" x 1/8"$11.28$6.67$5.05$4.24$3.56$3.08
CMSG13191813" x 19" x 1/8"$12.51$7.56$6.02$5.66$4.85$4.29
CMSG14191814" x 19" x 1/8"$13.16$7.86$6.29$5.88$5.04$4.46
CMSG16201816" x 20" x 1/8"$13.25$8.12$6.51$6.03$5.20$4.57
CMSG15221815" x 22" x 1/8"$13.66$8.47$6.87$6.16$5.49$4.87
CMSG16221816" x 22" x 1/8"$14.55$8.82$7.16$6.63$5.73$5.06
CMSG17221817" x 22" x 1/8"$15.18$9.37$7.55$6.92$5.98$5.28
CMSG17261817" x 26" x 1/8"$15.79$9.64$7.90$7.13$6.22$5.52
CMSG18241818" x 24" x 1/8"$15.86$10.21$8.95$7.63$6.77$6.39
1/16" Thick Counter Mat with Matte Plus™ Surface
Item #SIZE100250500100025005000
CMSM10131610" x 13" x 1/16"$4.32$3.74$3.63$3.44$2.83$2.39
CMSM10151610" x 15" x 1/16"$4.75$3.90$3.78$3.58$2.94$2.49
CMSM11161611" x 16" x 1/16"$4.85$4.03$3.89$3.73$3.00$2.52
CMSM11171611" x 17" x 1/16"$5.22$4.20$4.05$3.88$3.13$2.62
CMSM12181612" x 18" x 1/16"$5.29$4.44$4.29$4.08$3.31$2.79
CMSM12191612" x 19" x 1/16"$11.98$6.42$4.85$4.11$3.38$2.87
CMSM13191613" x 19" x 1/16"$12.60$7.25$5.74$5.38$4.64$4.05
CMSM14191614" x 19" x 1/16"$13.26$7.54$5.97$5.60$4.83$4.21
CMSM16201616" x 20" x 1/16"$13.70$8.07$6.38$6.02$5.16$4.51
CMSM15221615" x 22" x 1/16"$14.18$8.38$6.78$6.39$5.44$4.77
CMSM16221616" x 22" x 1/16"$15.23$8.92$7.08$6.66$5.68$4.98
CMSM17221617" x 22" x 1/16"$15.93$9.33$7.40$6.97$5.93$5.21
CMSM17261617" x 26" x 1/16"$16.18$9.45$7.53$7.00$6.00$5.33
CMSM18241618" x 24" x 1/16"$16.28$10.41$9.04$7.65$6.77$6.35
1/16" Thick Counter Mat with Gloss Surface
Item #SIZE100250500100025005000
CMSG10131610" x 13" x 1/16"$4.10$3.56$3.45$3.27$2.68$2.27
CMSG10151610" x 15" x 1/16"$4.51$3.71$3.59$3.40$2.80$2.37
CMSG11161611" x 16" x 1/16"$4.61$3.83$3.69$3.54$2.85$2.39
CMSG11171611" x 17" x 1/16"$4.96$3.99$3.85$3.69$2.97$2.49
CMSG12181612" x 18" x 1/16"$5.02$4.21$4.07$3.88$3.15$2.65
CMSG12191612" x 19" x 1/16"$11.38$6.10$4.61$3.91$3.21$2.72
CMSG13191613" x 19" x 1/16"$11.97$6.88$5.45$5.12$4.41$3.85
CMSG14191614" x 19" x 1/16"$12.60$7.16$5.67$5.32$4.59$4.00
CMSG16201616" x 20" x 1/16"$13.02$7.66$6.06$5.72$4.90$4.28
CMSG15221615" x 22" x 1/16"$13.47$7.96$6.44$6.07$5.17$4.54
CMSG16221616" x 22" x 1/16"$14.47$8.48$6.72$6.33$5.39$4.73
CMSG17221617" x 22" x 1/16"$15.13$8.86$7.03$6.62$5.64$4.95
CMSG17261617" x 26" x 1/16"$15.37$8.98$7.16$6.65$5.70$5.07
CMSG18241618" x 24" x 1/16"$15.47$9.89$8.58$7.27$6.43$6.04

Counter Mats offers Matte Plus™ and gloss hard surface counter mats with a heavy duty rubber backing material for environments that need an extra strong mat. The backing material is made from only exceptional quality materials that will last for a long time. These particular types of mats are one of our most popular items and can be personalized to meet your needs. You can also add any image to the surface of these mats that you would like.

The surface of these heavy duty mats is scratch-resistant and has rounded corners.

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To achieve success, brand messages must have impact on the counter.

Low cost effective counter display items are ideal as change mats and for reinforcing brand messages.

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